About Me

My live have been influenced by any kind of art ever since.

The beginnings of me becoming a painter are back in the days when I lived with my mother in Paris. Out of pure boredom I started with colour pencils when I was 17. In these days, every colour I saw was interesting for me to work with. Like this, even Lipsticks became an instrument for me to express myself in my drawings.

My childhood was determined by my restlessness. I am an autodidact and I have always been too impassioned and stormed to participate in school like the others. This was also a reason for me to become an actress. Like this, it seemed like I was never supposed to become a painter, but still, drawings have always been surrounding me.

It was as if my soul god kidnapped by the intra-perspective world. It started over 30 years ago that I experienced long periods of isolation from the outer world because I was stuck to my paintings. I was working mainly on oil and canvas, most of the time with six to eight easels at the same time.

The art just took over; it became my brand and my identity as a human being. My inner universe has been able to keep me occupied in many years so I didn't have so many breaks in my productions. I like painting with pure colours: red should remain red and blue should remain blue. I try to keep on a maximum of three colours at the same time.

I am a subjective painter. I paint out my surroundings, like my friends or my general environment. Because of this I had a muse for many years that gave me a lot of inspiration towards questioning partnerships and vein.

I basically focus on faces, female faces, and bodies. The Clowns are my personally frustrations in life, animals and plants are my escape from human emotional relations.

When I want to start a new painting I am always asking myself: how does this emotion look like and which colour and form would it have? What are the colours of a kiss and which form has love? These are the questions that led me to my paintings and for this, to the way to express myself.